Game Master 1.0: Public Release

After over a year of development followed by a closed beta, Version 1.0 of my game is hereby publicly released! It was created with the RPG Maker VX Ace and can be downloaded for free. I will continue to support it with adjustments and bugfixes as necessary, and depending on how much interest there is, I may consider some kind of expansion. Screenshot 1

But what *is* this ‚Game Master‘, actually? What to expect? Well …

An adventurous Journey!Elsa Accompany Elsa, a teen-age girl who has just moved to another town with her mother and tries to find out about its history. Set out on an unexpected quest full of mysteries to unravel (which takes about 15 hours and features self-written music). Why does the game board in the woods work only for you? What does the Elder know about it? Who was the Wizard? Does he maybe still exist? And in addition to answering these questions, can you find all the hidden items and secret rooms, too?

Screenshot 2

Hey, almost done here!

The Agony of Choice!
At the beginning of the game, choose one of two classes with different skills and, here and there, slightly different events taking place in the world. Do you want to get close and personal yourself as a Fighter, dual-wielding your electrified swords, or play the supporter’s role of a Tinker, healing and buffing your allies? It’s up to you!

Screenshot 3

This might work, I guess?

Powerful Skills!
Configure the skill setups of your actors yourself! Choose between a number of powerful skills, some even with multiple useful effects, and try to find the perfect solution against the enemy combinations you encounter. Take advantage of skill synergies in order to defeat even the hardest bosses with relative ease!

Screenshot 4

If only I had a skill that … — hey, wait.

DownloadGame Master (43.4 MB)
NotificationSavefiles from 1.0.x are compatible. Simply copy them into the main directory (where the Game.exe is). Savefiles from 0.9 and below are *not* compatible!

Arrow KeysMove
Shift+Arrow KeysDash
EnterCheck, talk, confirm
EscapeMenu, cancel
GamepadFull gamepad support!

More Screenshots
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